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Just a “Kid’s Show”

Re: The Season Six Premiere of Adventure Time
(Minor Spoilers)

I’m glad Adventure Time is a kid’s show. 

Kids need to see that sometimes things that look like love can be toxic.

They need to know that holding onto something toxic will only hurt you.

And they need to take comfort in the fact that even when the irreparable damage is done, something beautiful can take its place.

There are a lot of kids that need to know these things, like this 27 year old woman here.

I’m back on my grind

I just finished two short scripts this month, one of them just about a half hour ago

I feel cleansed. 

I’m back on my game. 

Writing is always a sort of exorcism for me.

Thoughts float around and interrupt my day until I finally get them down on paper (actual paper, electronic or otherwise)

And when I finish, I feel lighter. 

The voices of the muses quiet down

It’s both a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

And it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that for anything I’ve done creatively. 


I got promoted this year (part of the reason why my page has been dormant.)

And now that I’ve finally gotten used to a steady, adult-sized paycheck (with BENEFITS Y’ALL) I’ve realized that I can finally begin shooting the stories I’ve been dreaming up.

You have no idea how good that feels. 

There have been so many setbacks on the this road that I’m scared to get excited , but I think I can this time.

We’ll see what happens, but at least for now I have two stories down and out of my mind.


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